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Reporting Instruction

Data Entry:
  • Do not include funds received from UN agencies; only include funds received bilaterally from donor governments or other funding sources.
  • Note:(Funds received on OCHA JHF should be reported exceptionally)
  • From the drop down list choose between refugees and resilience pillars. Your agency 2021 planning figures will appear divided per sectors appealed for. You are required to fill the first quarter
  • Some agencies will find submitted funds that were received in in 2020 for 2021 implementation (Those figures were submitted by organizations as funds received by agencies during the planning period). Agencies not to report the received funds in 2020 ( during the planning phase) under the 1st quarter to avoid duplication
  • To change between sectors use the “sector” dropdown list to select the required sector for submission.
  • Please refer to the JFT step by step guide on how to input data in details. (Download from here)
  • For Protection Sector, agencies are required to include the breakdown of the submitted amount on subsector (Refugee Pillar only).
  • Contact: Gorgui Niokhor DIOUF and Naseem TAQATQA for any queries.
  • Deadline to submit the funding details is the 15th of the month following the end of the quarter.
  • DonorInfo::
  • All JFT organizations are required to submit their donor information on the funds received. Agencies not to report donor info for the reported funds received during 2020 (planning phase) only to report funds received within the first quarter
  • From the drop down list choose between refugees and resilience pillars, and add the amount with the donor in the designated fields, then click save.
  • Note: you can have several donors for each quarter without specifying the sector.